The Solo-Werks engineers utilise their more than 25 years' experience in aftermarket suspension design as well as input from alpha-enthusiasts to produce the products that the market is demanding.

Each product has been designed and tested to meet or exceed OEM standards.

Our manufacturing partners around the world understand that producing for Solo-Werks means quality comes first, and we know that the old adage of "you get what you pay for" has never been more true than in today's global market.

All our products start from premium raw materials that undergo specially designed, proprietary processes to increase strength as well as minimize material waste.

Once the individual components are made, our staff assemble and package each product to our computerized bill of materials, and each product is weight verified before it is sealed ready for shipment.

Solo S1 Coilovers

Our Solo S1 Coilover System kits are designed for the driving enthusiast who is looking for a comfortable, yet sporty ride in the spirit of a factory sport suspension. Each product has been designed and tested to meet or exceed OEM standards.

These kits are a perfect replacement for your worn and tired OEM suspension or that aged sport kit.

In our Solo S1 Coilover systems we utilise a category leading heavy gold zinc plated strut housing to provide a long lasting adjustable experience for our customers.

The aluminium adjustable spring perches and accessories are precision machined and black anodized.

Inside, the sport dampers are tuned to give you the best balance between comfort and handling anywhere within the specified lowering range for each system.

We have focused the tuning of our dampers to greatly reduce body roll, dive under braking, and squat under acceleration, while retaining ride comfort. This is achieved by increasing low speed damping compared to standard OEM settings, and setting the high speed damping as close to OEM settings as possible.