Solo Werks Australia Warranty Terms and Conditions
Solo-Werks Australia provides a 3 year limited warranty to the original retail purchaser of any Solo Werks S1 Coilover Kit. Spare or Replacement parts, Mounts, End links, Control Arms, Bushings & Bearings carry a 1 year warranty.

This limited warranty covers defects in materials and manufacturing of the components of the Solo Werks Coilover Systems on street driven vehicles only. 

Installation or labour charges for removal, re-installation, or alignment are the responsibility of the customer, and will not be covered or reimbursed by Solo-Werks Australia or any of its authorised agents.

Maintenance & Additional Details
Upkeep and maintenance on all exterior finishes on Solo Werks products is the responsibility of the original purchaser, and is not considered a valid reason for warranty claim. 

This includes powder coating, chrome plating, paint, & zinc plating.  Solo-Werks Australia recommends the use of various products to extend the life of our products. Contact your authorised dealer for more information.

Solo-Werks Australia or its authorised dealers will not be liable for connected systems, components, or consequential damage caused by failure of any Solo-Werks products.

Damage to the components or complete Solo-Werks system caused by misuse, misinstallation, misapplication, collision or off road activity (i.e. motorsports) is not covered by any portion of the Solo Werks limited warranty.  This includes usage at height levels outside of our published operating range for each system.

It is up to the discretion of Solo-Werks to repair or replace a component (but we are always generous and reasonable).

In order to qualify for warranty, the original purchaser must follow the full claim procedure listed.

Claim Procedure

    1. Contact Solo-Werks Australia with a detailed description of the issue.
    2. Complete the provided Solo-Werks Tech Form and return it to Solo-Werks Australia along with a copy of your original purchase receipt, or your name, product code, and date of purchase if you purchased directly from Solo-Werks Australia.
    3. The affected unit(s) can then be either:
      1. Sent in for evaluation.  If it is deemed to be product failure covered under Solo-Werks warranty terms and conditions then the item will be repaired or replaced and returned to the owner.
      2. Replacement units can be purchased at a discounted price plus shipping, and shipped to you in advance.  The original units will need to be shipped to our office to be evaluated, and if deemed to be covered under warranty the discounted purchase price and shipping of the replacement units will be refunded.

It is up to the discretion of Solo-Werks Australia whether to repair or replace a component.

Solo-Werks Australia does not cover incoming shipping charges.

Solo-Werks will provide standard ground shipping back to the end user via our choice of carrier within mainland Australia.

Upgraded/faster shipping is available at a surcharge. International shipments are the responsibility of the consumer.